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Organization & Fees

ORGANIZATION - our history


Lafky & Lafky represents the affiliation between Kevin Lafky and his father, Elton Taylor "Bud" Lafky during Bud's lifetime. While Bud and Kevin operated two independent practices, they continued to work closely with each other through the latter part of Bud's career.








Elton "Bud" Lafky

1930 - 2015

Throughout his long and distinguished legal career, Bud was known for representing, and getting along with, all types of people. He regularly sacrificed (and donated) his time to his clients, of whom there were thousands. Bud impacted many lives for the better in his practice, and the gratitude of those continue to be heard today.

ORGANIZATION - our present


Lafky & Lafky currently consists of attorney Kevin Lafky; associates Dori Brattain and Erin Mee; and staff Kelly Maddux and Mitzi Moran.

In addition to the Lafky & Lafky organization, Kevin Lafky rents office space to attorney Scott Howell.  Mr. Howell is sole practitioner who maintains his own separate practice and files. As such, Mr. Howell is individually responsible for his own actions, and his actions are not the actions of any other person or entity.




Lafky & Lafky is committed to representing clients in the most cost effective manner possible. We use a variety of attorney fee agreements depending on the type of matter and the needs of the firm and the client. 


Some examples of the fee agreements that we use include hourly rate fee agreements where the time spent on the matter is multiplied by the hourly rate of the person working on the matter, fixed fee agreements where the matter is defined and the fee charged is a specific amount, and contingency fee agreements where the firm earns a percentage of the amount recovered on behalf of the client. 


In each type of fee agreement, the client is typically responsible for the costs involved in the matter, such as filing fees, deposition expenses, expert witness fees, process server fees and any other cost or expense associated with pursuing the matter. In order to determine the specific fees for a specific matter, we will thoroughly discuss the matter with you and determine the type of fee agreement that will apply to your matter.

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